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We have been searching the web for the best videos about Socrates to learn what this philosopher was all about! Besides reading all the philosophical books about him and his view points the next best thing is to watch some videos. Check out the videos below and if you think we should add a video about Socrates below reach out and let us know! Have fun learning!

The Ideas of Socrates

by The Academy of Ideas


Socrates: The Father Of Western Philosophy

by Now This World


Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle (Short Documentary)

We think if you watch these videos you'll have a nice introductory grasp on Socrates. Overall, if you want to learn more then reading some philosophical books about him might be the best way to go! Of course Googling Socrates online will point you to so many links to learn more about this ancient philosopher. If you think we should add anymore videos to this list please let us know! Cheers to learning and let's continue our quest on finding out what it means to be human!



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