Interview with Patrice Leiteritz @mechanical_philosophy

We interviewed Patrice Leiteritz @mechanical_philosophy and asked him the following questions!
What's Your Favorite Quote?
"Man can do what he wants, but he cannot want what he wants." - Arthur Schopenhauer
What does it mean to be a good human?
A "good" human is lucky, because their values correspond with those of the community they live in. A good human simply acts and thinks in a way that is in fact or supposedly beneficial to society. But this depends, of course, entirely on the context and perception of the people involved.
What does it mean to be a bad human?
Similarly, a "bad" human is unlucky: They live in a society which condemns their ways. In another contextual setting, however, they could be venerated as the greatest paragons of virtue. As you can see, I define good and bad as entirely subjective terms.
What does it mean to be human? Why?
A human is a human. We do not need any additional features which qualify a "real" human in my opinion. Whatever people do is human by default, because they are. And this includes both the good and the bad.
It's your Cue. What are the ways you Cue The Human inside yourself? How do you remind yourself to be human with your thoughts, actions, and ideas?
As I put it before, I am human in every instance, no matter what I do. I heed the ethical values given to me by nature and nurture and so I am a mirror of the forces which shaped my mind and my body. Just like you.
It's our Cue. What are ways you can inspire others in your community to Cue the Human inside themselves?
The greatest source of inspiration can be found in nature and our surrounding world. One can only understand humanity if they view it as a part of the natural world.
What do you think the most pressing issues is against humanity right now? 
The most pressing issue is, without a doubt, global warming. It could very well be the end of our species.
Can humans do anything to help the issues?
Yes, but this would necessarily include international cooperation of a magnitude never seen before.
Do you have any Philosophies you follow? Why or why not?
I follow the Mechanical Philosophy, which is primarily based on materialism, determinism and the works of a group of french philosophers from the 18th century. I prefer this philosophy because it is, in my opinion, very close to the truth.
Do you have a Religion or Spirituality that you follow? Why or why not?
No. I base my philosophical beliefs primarily on science and nature. I think religion and spirituality cloud people's perception of reality and lead them the wrong way.
Thank you for filling out our Cue The Humans survey Patrice! We value your opinions and thoughts on what it means to be human! The goal is to ask everyone these questions, and really find out, what it means to be human, together.
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What do you think it means to be human?

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