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We interviewed Mellet @mhelinblack and asked her the following questions!
Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas on what it means to be human! Let’s start the conversation! Think of this as your statement to the world. Centered around the answer to, “What does it mean to be human?” Please introduce yourself. Do you have a philosophy, religion, or spirituality that you follow? What do you think it means to be human? And how can we make the world a better place to live for everyone? Feel free to interpret these questions however you see fit and allow yourself to be creative in the answers, however long or short you wish the answer to be.
My name is Mellet Habana, I am 30 years old turning 31 in July, Filipino immigrated from Philippines, a hairstylist by profession, and I have passion to any kinds of arts and my hobbies are painting, crafts, dancing, and any other artistic outlet to be creative as I can be. I was born and raised as Catholic, and rebaptized and converted as a Christian 3 years ago. What does it mean to be human for me revolves around our Creator, which is our one and only God. I believe that humanity is created by God (reference in the book of Genesis) and that our main purpose on earth is to worship and praise our Creator. When satan or known as Lucifer came down from heaven because of his selfish desire to take/gain power, he was placed outside heavens. Then so, I believe that God created humans as a replacement of Lucifer and their very own tasks here on earth is to worship and praise and glorify the Lord God in any form or another. The same gifts God gave Lucifer (instruments built in his body), we humans can do the same, we have similar if not the same instruments as him, our vocal cords, our hands and feet, our windpipes to sing praises, and dance to give glory to the one true God. This reference if I'm not mistaken was explained in The book of Revelation. And so, the things that we do in Earth is to love God with all our hearts, love others as you love yourself, and that we are not citizen of this earth, that our real destination is the paradise that Jesus the Savior is preparing for us, in the timing of God the Father. Our connection that we have as human beings are designed by God when He said in Genesis, that a man cannot live by himself alone, so he made a woman. The ultimate goal now on earth, after Jesus died for our sins, resurrected and ascended into heaven & gave Holy Spirit to help us finish our tasks here on earth, is to bring more human souls to Jesus—for Jesus is the only way to the gate of heavens— so they may have eternity with Him. How to make this world a better place is when each and everyone will have one accord of acceptance and willingness of learning who the real God is, have relationship with Him and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and then they will experience God’s real design and will and purpose for all humanity. All the violence, the racism, and other kinds of negative situations will decrees for God in heaven are naturally pure and holy. He is not someone that can make mistakes nor can be close to sin, because it is His being to be Holy. And if each of us learn these things about Him, through the bible—the manual script of every human being—then we will not give in to evil doings. Therefore, we will be closer to God, and we can finally experience the final destination after the second coming of Jesus Christ for whom only God the Father know when. And in that paradise, is where human spirits (no soul or flesh included) will experience no more sorrow, sadness, no more suffering, pain, hardship, poverty, and any negative things the the world/earth has).
Thank you for filling out our Cue The Humans survey Mellet! We value your opinions and thoughts on what it means to be human! The goal is to ask everyone these questions, and really find out, what it means to be human, together.
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 What do you think it means to be human?

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