Interview with Dimitri @ac.1dmiles

We interviewed Dimitri @ac.1dmiles and asked him the following questions!
What's Your Favorite Quote?
Whose responsibility is it to fix a broken world? The truth is, whether the people to blame are dead or alive, they aren’t going to be the ones to fix it.
What does it mean to be a good human?
To understand and accept what is and is not, not letting personal bias cloud the truth. To never take from or manipulate anothers natural right of self preservation/survival and self choice. And lastly, to respect all life.
What does it mean to be a bad human?
To encroach the border of another’s natural human liberties. To hold no value for life. To manipulate and corrupt that which is pure.
What does it mean to be human? Why?
To understand this plane of existence as temporary, and despite this to understand the importance to grow as a human, so that you may further the growth of your soul. I believe Life as a human is the medium in which our souls reflect and are altered.
It's your Cue. What are the ways you Cue The Human inside yourself? How do you remind yourself to be human with your thoughts, actions, and ideas?
Make few your regrets, live for today, plan for tomorrow, learn from the past. Attempt to be a better you than was yesterday, even if only a minuscule amount.
It's our Cue. What are ways you can inspire others in your community to Cue the Human inside themselves?
Understand thyself. Why you think the way you do. Learn how your past conditioning may or may not intervene on your thinking. Decide your own path not based on your past but based on what you feel in your soul.
What do you think the most pressing issues is against humanity right now?
Ignorance and the mass spread of passive thinking and passive actions.
Can humans do anything to help the issues?
Yes, understand themselves(their own thoughts and actions) so that they do not pass on bad habits and faulty ways of thinking to a receptive individual. Anybody that has the strength to tackle miscomings and injustices in their past without letting it destroy their future is fighting the good fight.
Do you have any Philosophies you follow? Why or why not?
A conglomerate of many, I take bits and pieces of many philosophies I analyze to create my own.
Do you have a Religion or Spirituality that you follow? Why or why not?
No, for me religion is a good stepping stone to higher curiosity and higher thinking. But there are too many prevalent shortcomings within its many ways of governance that lead masses of people into very linear thinking.
Thank you for filling out our Cue The Humans survey Dmitri! We value your opinions and thoughts on what it means to be human! The goal is to ask everyone these questions, and really find out, what it means to be human, together.
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What do you think it means to be human?

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