Interview with Chirag Saxena @captivate.thoughts

We interviewed Chirag Saxena @captivate.thoughts and asked him the following questions!
What's Your Favorite Quote?
"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever." - George Orwell
What does it mean to be a good human?
"A good human being is one who knows his or her shortcomings. We should know that we can never be certain we are in the right. Doubt is the beginning of all wisdom."
What does it mean to be human? Why?
"Being human means missing the point of life. We as a society have evolved so much all of this so we can enjoy life. But now we don't have time to live. Time to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer us. In an effort to improve life we have negated it."
It's your Cue. What are the ways you Cue The Human inside yourself? How do you remind yourself to be human with your thoughts, actions, and ideas?
"I need something to relax the conscious mind so I meditate. Let go of the mind and let go of control. I just breathe."
It's our Cue. What are ways you can inspire others in your community to Cue the Human inside themselves?
"By stirring the frozen sea inside them then they will create something themself."
What do you think the most pressing issues is against humanity right now? *
"Capitalism realism, Death of spirituality, Lack of psychological support for rising mental health issues."
Can humans do anything to help the issues? (Feel free to provide any links to organizations or to any humans that are fighting the good fight)! *
"I love listening to Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna. They were both visionaries and intellectuals who contributed to let others know that the war is a spiritual war."
Do you have any Philosophies you follow? Why or why not?
"Taoism. I follow it because it provides a metaphysical answer as well as ethical one."
Do you have a Religion or Spirituality that you follow? Why or why not?
"I am open to all spiritual teachings. If it makes sense I take it seriously.
Thank you for filling out our Cue The Humans survey Chirag! We value your opinions and thoughts on what it means to be human! The goal is to ask everyone these questions, and really find out, what it means to be human, together.
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What do you think it means to be human?

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